Child/Adolescent Counseling

Does my teenager need counseling? How can I tell? How will it help?

These are questions we hear so often from parents. They often come to our office wondering, “Is my child just being a normal/moody teenager or does he/she need help?” Knowing how tumultuous the teenage years can be, it makes sense that parents might wonder what qualifies as “normal”.

The most common concerns we address are

Behavioral issues
Academic decline
Anger outbursts
Technology addiction
Low self-esteem
Substance abuse
High-risk dating
Poor social skills

Our approach

Therapy is about so much more than just giving individuals a place to vent and someone to listen to them. Our approach to counseling is practical, direct, and faith-based

  1. Build A Safe Relationship

    We are non-judgmental and objective. We encourage full honesty and transparency so that you get the most out of your investment.

  2. Encourage Self-Reflection

    We help children look inward and be honest about their thoughts and feelings. It is empowering for children to have one-on-one attention and validation from an adult who can help guide them in a healthy direction.

  3. Set Specific Life Goals

    Whether it’s approaching life with more confidence, coping with stress from peers or academics, or navigating life’s temptations, we help our children set goals so they are equipped and ready to accomplish their dreams.

  4. Empower Them to Make Changes

    We provide guidance, strategies and skills to help children make the changes they have identified. We give them a safe place to dream, plan, and try something new – as well as – a safe place to share disappointment, struggles and frustration when they face obstacles or setbacks.

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