Premarital Program

Am I Ready For Marriage? How Can I Be Prepared?

The best work you can do for your marriage is to work on yourself prior to being married. Marriages are more successful when you have realistic expectations and communication skills to navigate its’ natural peaks and valleys.

The most common concerns we address are

Family background
Extended family
Family planning

Our approach

Therapy is about so much more than just giving individuals a place to vent and someone to listen to them. Our approach to counseling is practical, direct, and faith-based.

  1. Build A Safe Relationship

    We have a highly structured six week program that covers the most common obstacles in marriage.

  2. Encourage Self-Reflection

    We help individuals look inward and be honest about what they value and what their priorities are. It is empowering for couples to identify their expectations of marriage and be better equipped for it.

  3. Set Specific Life Goals

    Whether it’s approaching your relationship with more confidence, communicating more clearly or building a stronger connection, we ask our couples to focus on the future.

    Empower Them to Make Changes

  4. We provide guidance, strategies and skills to help couples be prepared. We give them a safe place to dream, plan, and try something new – as well as – a safe place to share disappointment, struggles and frustration when they face obstacles or setbacks.

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