Family and Parenting Counseling

Am I Hurting My Child? Will My Son/Daughter Struggle As An Adult? How Can I Repair Our Relationship?

Every family has some level of dysfunction. Parenting is a lot of work and every child is different. Counseling provides a road map that is tailored for your child’s specific needs. Let us help you navigate that today.

The most common concerns we address are

Family conflict
Estranged children
Blended family
Divorce Recovery

Our approach

Therapy is about so much more than just giving individuals a place to vent and someone to listen to them. Our approach to counseling is practical, direct, and faith-based.

  1. Build A Safe Relationship

    We are non-judgmental and objective. We encourage full honesty and transparency so that you get the most out of your investment.

  2. Encourage Self-Reflection

    We help parents look inward and be honest about what they value and what their priorities are. It is empowering for parents to identify their parenting styles and have full understanding of their parent/child dynamic.

  3. Set Specific Life Goals

    Whether it’s approaching life with more practical tools, coping with their children’s struggles or building stronger families, we help our parents focus on the future.

  4. Empower Them to Make Changes

    We provide guidance, strategies and skills to help parents make the changes they have identified. We give them a safe place to dream, plan, and try something new – as well as – a safe place to share disappointment, struggles and frustration when they face obstacles or setbacks.

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