How Do I Know If I'm Addicted?

The first step to conquering addiction is accepting the fact that you are addicted. Unfortunately, denial is a normal symptom where people lie to themselves about how problematic an addiction is in their life. If you are having to question whether you are addicted or not, chances are your vice is causing problems to some degree.

Addiction is dangerous if left untreated.


Addiction can occur with any vice that is enjoyable or pleasurable. The most common addictions are alcohol, sex/porn, technology, drugs, and gambling. Some rare forms of addiction are lying, stealing, adrenaline-provoking experiences, etc.

Addiction can be conquered with proactiveness, awareness, and healthier coping methods.

Addiction Symptoms

Work, School, and/or Relationships Are Affected Negatively

Tried To Stop Behavior But Failed

Obsessive Fixation On Your Vice


Tried To Rationalize/Justify Your Addictive Behavior

Had Contact With Police or Legal System

Experience Depression, Shame, Or Guilt

Counseling For Addiction Will Help You

Therapy is clinically proven to help.

I use a Cognitive Behavioral Treatment to help better regulate your thoughts and feelings regardless of external circumstances. It’s a great way to shift from survival-based living to being more in control and resilient.

It takes practice but gets easier and more effective over time.

  1. Decipher whether you have an addiction or a temptation.

  2. Acknowledge the emotional issue behind your addiction.

  3. Replace unhealthy coping methods for healthy coping methods.

  4. Establish healthy systems and accountability for life lasting freedom.

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